Our Producers

Our Producers

Bombolulu Jewellery

Bombolulu’s disabled workshops employ 160 people from all over Kenya. Their four workshops are: jewellery, textiles, carvings and leather work. They also have a workshop just for producing their own aids such as crutches and wheelchairs.  Jewellery is their best income earner.

They are members of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation).

Founded in 1969 as a rehabilitation centre, they were initially largely supported by the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya. Now their wonderful skills help them earn their own income but this isn't easy as tourist numbers have dropped so their income in Kenya has fallen. Also several retail stores who previously sold their earrings have closed here in the UK and elsewhere. Hence our website! Now you can buy their lovely jewellery online.

We've been buying from Bombolulu since 2002 and we love working with them as we collaborate on designs, some from them, some from us and some a combination.

Jewellery is the best-selling product they make and they use mixed materials, including Masai and Turkana beads, semi-precious stones, silver plated, brass and bone, but we mainly sell their silver plated and brass earrings. The silver plated earrings start with a brass base and then they overplate them with three layers of silver. They have a small foundry and kiln on site.

If you ever visit Mombasa, do go and pay them a visit. They have a great Cultural Centre where a local dance troupe will entertain you over lunch and you can join in if you're seriously fit. See the picture at the top of the page for a couple of their amazing dancers. They also have an on-site shop and the beaches along the Kenyan coast are magnificent.

Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope are a not-for-profit charity based in the West of Kenya. They were set up in 2007 to help support widows and orphans. We collaborate with local artisans to come up with new designs and colours. Previously we sent out the ear hooks which are silver plated over brass and made in a small factory here in the UK but now we fit them here so they don't get tangled in the beads.

We buy beaded earrings from Hands of Hope and from time to time are able to send small donations towards food, helping them with their local shop, and seeds for their plots of land as they live in a rural area.  The rains can be a problem with either way too much water, causing flooding, or too little causing their food crops to perish.


Comparte was the marketing arm of a group of individual artisans in Chile who specialise in glass jewellery. Previously, members of WFTO, sadly, they've now folded but we've managed to find artisans in a small workshop who were members. They make stunningly beautiful, gorgeously colourful glass earrings.


Silence supports around 100 deaf and differently abled artisans. Founded in 1979, they are members of WFTO. They are very proud that they have been economically independent since 1979, though currently, as with many groups, it's challenging to get sufficient orders to keep everyone employed fully. Since they're so good at woodwork, marquetry and painting, we have designed a range of lovely wooden earrings. Their workshop has a wonderful, calm atmosphere and the artisans clearly enjoy their work.


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Our Producers