Wood, bone and bead

Black wood and brass earrings, batik bone earrings and Masai bead earrings are handmade in Kenya. The Masai bead earrings are made in the West of Kenya by artisans in a rural area. We buy them through a charity there and part of the income will go towards their projects supporting orphans, vulnerable young people and subsistence farming. The climate, including lack of rain, too much rain, added to low tourist numbers mean earning a living is precarious at the moment. We hope you love these earrings and appreciate the traditional skills and artistry. Goal 12 of Sustainable Development Goals (2015) is responsible consumption and Fair Trade ticks that box, as well as reducing poverty – Goal 1, zero hunger – Goal 2 and Goal 8 decent work. Well that should put a smile on your face – rock on you ethical consumers!